Sunday, January 29, 2006

Woodland Pattern Marathon 2006

For the time I spent at this weekend's Woodland Pattern Marathon, the most successful five-minute reading was Roberto Harrison's performance of the final sections of his forthcoming book Counter Daemons (due out this summer from Tracy Grinnell's Litmus Press). Nestled into a bracket of poets who used their poetry for mostly snide and insider jokes, Roberto's poems came across as strikingly emotional. The catalogs or lists of prepositional phrases flowed or toppled - one after another - in Roberto's poems, which borrow from his eclectic mix of computer programming, vibrant imagery, and cultural and ethnic encounter (ex., Cabeza de Vaca). Roberto reads in a style of hushed intensity, one that I've come to associate with him alone - as if he stands alone with his poems in a room full of people, earnestly coming to know his own words. I'm looking forward to seeing Counter Daemons and his earlier book Os, due out from Subpress Collective sometime in the spring or summer.

I also enjoyed Chuck Stebelton's stint as banjo player, when he sat humble as Kermit the Frog and plucked out tunes named for recent books of poems like My First Painting Will Be "The Accuser" and Practice, Restraint. Chuck did a noble job hosting the event, and the bookstore's new look was a pleasant shock to everyone. Nicely, nicely done.

What did I miss?


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david, what's the new look?


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