Sunday, February 19, 2006


Don't know how I didn't see this sooner. Good thing Jen K. forwarded it to the Buff list! Jeff's been a part of this in past years. It's always lively, provocative and smart.

Version>06 :: Parallel Cities
April 20- May 6, 2006 Chicago U$A

Call for Participation // Projects // Presentations
// Provocations


Version is a hybrid festival focused on emerging
discourses and practices evolving between art,
technology and social and political activism.

Version>06 is our fifth convergence and is dedicated
to the theme of Parallel Cities. We will investigate
and share local strategies and models to inspire
action within local and global counter cartographies.

We will convene in Chicago for a seventeen day open
laboratory to explore a diversity of tactics and
strategies to activate our communities and amplify our
ideas and practices. Alternative spaces will be open
for staging actions. Public spaces and corporate
places will be terrains of intervention.

Version presents a very diverse program of activities
featuring an experimental art exposition, artistic
disturbances, exhibitions, networked urban events,
screenings, interactive applications, performances,
street art, presentations, talks, workshops, art
rendez-vous, parties, and action.

Please visit
for more information.

Or go to
to use the online submission form.

Alternatively, you may mail your proposals to:
960 W 31st St
Chicago Il 60608

Contact ed(at) for help.


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