Saturday, March 04, 2006

Thanks to everyone who came out to last night's reading. I've never seen the Spareroom so packed! Jeff says all the bodies cut the echo and gave us a good recording too. Hope to have an equally impressive crowd on March 24 when Brenda Hillman, Laura Sims and Anthony Hawley take the stage.


At 9:12 AM, Blogger jpb said...

I'd love to hear a recording of bits of the Raworth reading. The poems were so densely packed, and he read them with such an unusual delivery, sort of spitting them out as a complicated syntactic tangle. Any chance of posting a poem or two as MP3s?

At 9:39 AM, Blogger Kerri said...

hey jeremy,
it's looking like after april discrete's going to take a sabbatical, partly to reckon with three years worth of audio archive. just yesterday we moved the site over to a new space with much more space to go nuts with media.., though for now it still resembles the former site, in need of an update. i'll keep you posted as this question of audio gets sorted out. i recognize i've got a goldmine of recordings, the rights to which really belong to the readers, but it would be ideal to have all the audio from discrete's past centrally located and available for downloading.

At 12:40 PM, Blogger jpb said...

If you need help with the tech part, making MP3s, etc., let me know: I've got a pretty good assemblage of audio editing tools in my particular sheaf of technology.


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